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The following extract has been taken from the appendix on Freemasonry in Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery: new scientific evidence for alien contact 5,000 years ago. Alice Bailey may have had a very strong impact on the direction of speculative thinking amongst higher degree American Freemasons due to the promotion of her channellings by her Freemason husband Foster Bailey. The star Sirius has long had an important symbolic importance to Freemasons due to its role in ancient Egyptian religion. It is believed that the "flaming star" emblem to be found in Masonic Lodges is a representation of Sirius.


Robert Temple writes ......

........As for the Sirius mystery and Freemasonry, there are some further speculations. After the [first] publication of my book, various people wrote to me and asked me whether I knew the writings of Alice Bailey, who produced many volumes of mystical works supposedly inspired by "Higher Beings", communicated to her in trance. Much of what she wrote concerned a kind of cosmic Freemasonry. I had no familiarity with this material but tried to look into it. My friend, the late Sir John Sinclair, Bart., had met Alice Bailey as a child and was involved in her literary estate through something called the Lucis Trust. He attempted to search for Sirius references for me. I discovered that Miss Bailey had maintained that "the Great White Lodge" of Freemasonry was based at the Sirius System, and that it is always beaming helpful rays to the poor people of Earth who wallow in appalling ignorance, violence, and oppression. We earthlings are looked upon as a dangerous lot, and the Sirians have tried hard to civilise us without much success. Freemasonry is meant to be one of their civilising forces here. (Of course the corrupt Masonic lodges such as P-2 would form no part of this.)

Amongst material handed to me by John before he died, not all of it by Alice Bailey, and much of it odd photocopied pages without proper referencing information, I find comments such as these:

I don't know whether Alice Bailey herself actually wrote that. But she certainly wrote the following:

Alice Bailey also said quite explicitly:

In the light of this information, perhaps the interest shown by one of the leaders of world-wide Masonry in my research can readily be understood. Whether it is true is not the point, the point is that it is claimed to be true; thus it means that mystical Masons would naturally take an interest in my findings. It is ironical that all of this was in print while I was writing my book and I knew nothing whatever about it. I still don't know that much about it, but I thought I at least ought to mention it.


About Alice Bailey. Alice Bailey (1880 - 1949) was a Mancunian who emigrated with her first husband to America where they were divorced. In 1918 she joined the Theosophical Society through which she met her second husband Foster Bailey, a high ranking Freemason. Alice decided that she was the natural successor to Theosophy's founder, Madame Blavatsky, and expanded Blavatsky's doctrine that humanity was being helped by more spiritually advanced beings situated both on Earth and in space to recover from a de-evolutionary path that had seen it descend from the spiritual to the material plane. As with all Theosophy doctrines Bailey's pronouncements were based on telepathic messages channelled by her from the agents on Earth of these extraterrestrial helpers. According to Bailey, early in the 21st century a World Teacher would appear who would usher in a new race of humanity. As we have seen in Temple's account Alice Bailey placed great emphasis on the star Sirius as a transmission point of spiritual energy towards Earth and as the location of a higher form of Freemasonry. These ideas were actively preached to fellow Freemason's by her husband and seem to have influenced many of them, including Vice President Henry Wallace. Bailey's message (like Blavatsky's) was inherently racist as the prophesied new humanity was to be spun from the planet's more spiritually "advanced" races. This was an aspect of Blavatsky's teachings that was developed further in Germany and underpinned the occult racial beliefs of the Nazis.

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