The Conspiracy

17th November 2000

Regular readers of the Enterprise Mission mission website will know that Richard Hoagland's hyperdimensional theory asserts that hyperspace interacts with three dimensional space tetrahedrally. They will also know of his suggestion this knowledge has somehow been passed down through ancient Egypt to esoteric societies today. I won't go into the reasons behind this suggestion as they will be covered in the TEM's Grand Theory section of Cydonia Quest.

Well you could have "knocked me over with a feather" when I read a BBC report that the four space probes in the European Space Agency's Cluster II mission would be flying together in a tetrahedral formation. The Cluster II probes are intended to keep between the Earth and the Sun to monitor the Sun's "weather". Previous artists illustrations of the four probes had shown them flying in a "four of diamonds" formation.

As if this wasn't enough, the nose of the rocket launching the probes was painted with an enormous logo depicting the four probes joined up with lines to outline a tetrahedron. It is all likely to be just co-incidental.......but sometimes it's a bit weird the way co-incidences line up with Hoagland's secret society theories. The pictures below show the Cluster II logo.


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