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3rd March 2001

The Axial Shift Blues. Well....I woke up this morning with this article suddenly in my head and an urge to write it down. This came completely out of the blue. Maybe it was the subconscious effect of touching on a similar subject with Mike Bara in a recent e-mail correspondence; maybe it was the pub meal I ate last night, or maybe it was a premonition that the Jehovah's Witnesses were about to ring my door bell, but here it is anyway.

For some time now I've been pondering the possibility that the Enterprise Mission may be moving in the direction of merging its theory of a high level Doomsday cult planning to create an impact disaster with its belief that a catastrophic shift in Earth's axis is imminent. First, let's remind ourselves what these fears are.

TEM's axis shift theory. There are actually three different ways in which a sudden change in the behaviour of the Earth's axis could cause planet wide destruction. Apart from the collision of the Earth with another large body *, there is nothing in conventional physics to make us think that any of them is possible. (* In which case an axial shift would be the least of our worries).

(A) The tilt of the Earth's axis (currently at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the plane of Earth's orbit ) suddenly becoming more perpendicular or horizontal would cause widespread devastation. Loose things on the planet's surface such as the atmosphere, the oceans and even the plates of the crust would initially continue to try spinning around the position of the previous axial tilt due to the physics of inertia. There would be horrendous winds, tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions beyond our worst nightmares.

(B) The position of the Earth's axis of rotation through the planet suddenly changes - in other words the North and South poles are suddenly shifted to different spots on the Earth's surface. This would cause planet wide devastation for the same reasons of inertia in (A).

(C) The Earth's axis suddenly develops a wobble. In fact it already does have a wobble called precession that takes 26,000 years to complete. This is far too gradual for the inertial effects on the atmosphere, oceans and crust to be noticeable. However, if it was speeded up 26,000 times then that would be a different story.

There is a similar, "New Age", disaster theory that seems to propose that the Earth's crust occasionally decides to rotate in a different direction to the rest of the planet regardless of a stable axial rotation- but this strange idea is not relevant to TEM's theory.

The tilt, planetary location and wobble of the Earth's axis is very stable in conventional physics due to the gyroscopic effect of its spin. The Earth has an added stabiliser in its strong gravitational interaction with the orbiting Moon. A wide, disc shaped gyroscope works better than a smaller, spherical gyroscope of the same mass. The gravitational "locking" between the Earth and the Moon gives the Earth gyroscopic qualities more like a spinning disc. The stabilising effect of the Moon in stopping the Earth from rolling over has been beneficial to the evolution of complex multi-cellular life according to scientists. Even if a big shift in the Earth's axis took a thousand years (preventing planet wide destruction) it would cause wide scale mass extinction of plant and animal species. One only has to think of the effect on the biosphere of the Amazon rain forest finding itself in the polar climes and the tundra in the tropics to understand this. The currently accepted geological, geomagnetic and fossil history of the Earth all seem to indicate that the planet has not been making major shifts from one angle of tilt - or axis of rotation - to another over its history.

Despite these objections Richard Hoagland theorises that regular axial shifts occur through a freakish effect of hyperdimensional physics. Cosmologists modelling the Universe using the anthro-cosmological principle, have shown that large spinning, orbiting bodies are totally incompatible with the geometry of a Universe with more than three physical dimensions. For this reason theories in physics that rely on hyperdimensions "quarantine" matter from hyperspace. Hoagland supports theories (and has developed his own theories) that postulate a very weak interaction between matter and the higher geometries of hyperspace. (These theories will eventually be evaluated when the Cydonia Quest section about Hyperspace is finally written up. However, I can say that I'm rather keen on these theories in general).

Hoagland has suggested that although a spherical planet in 3D space can only spin about a single axis at any one time, an equivalent hypersphere in hyperdimensional space would be spinning around several axis simultaneously. (An impossibility that begins to explain why the bodies of the Solar System would fly apart if they were suddenly exposed to more than three dimensions). According to Richard Hoagland's theory there is a ghostly interaction between large spinning bodies and hyperspace that explains observed energy, electromagnetic and gravitational anomalies within the Cosmos. However, Hoagland believes that the energy produced from the geometric distortions between spinning, orbiting matter and hyperspace is not always safely dissipated by these effects. He hypothesises that distortions in the geometry of hyperspace caused by a planet in 3D space can lead to the hyperspace becoming "wound up" like an elastic band. He goes on to speculate that this pent up energy can suddenly be released and move the axis of a planet, such as the Earth, into a position compatible with one of the other possible axis of spin in a hyper-dimensional hypersphere. With the planet's axis of rotation located in a new position the process begins again and things become cyclical. As we can see this hyper-dimensional shift theory seems to favour the category (B) axial disaster set out above.

As noted previously the evidence from the mainstream natural sciences is that the Earth's axis of rotation hasn't been periodically flipping from one location to another every so often. However, the discrepancy may be because Hoagland's model is not complete. It could be possible that these hypothetical distortions in the geometry of hyperspace could be dissipated by a planet quickly shifting to a new axis of rotation and immediately shifting back to its former axis again. This flip-flop model would prevent mass species extinctions (because its effects would be only temporary) and would be too short to show up very well in the Earth's geological or geomagnetic record. It has to be said that even though I've suggested this "stealth" version of the axial shift theory, I presently remain rather sceptical as to its reality. New theories about the hyper-dimensional nature of gravity may provide planets with a hitherto unsuspected "safety valve" - but I have yet to follow up this possibility.

To even begin to attract credibility on this theory TEM must provide eye opening evidence of past axial shifts. Strangely, since launching Richard Hoagland's theory of periodic axial shifts, TEM has not attempted to make a strong case for past episodes. Towards the end of 1999 when I was expressing scepticism about the theory to Mike Bara, he drew my attention to a book by the geophysicists D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair that marshals evidence for an axial shift. Some of the geological evidence presented in this book may have provided some inspiration for the development of Richard Hoagland's theory. Unfortunately I have not come across When the Earth Nearly Died in my nearest large book store and I don't like buying books before leafing through them first. In the meantime, here are links to three internet articles inspired by the book - µµµ, µµµ & µµµ.

So, Back to the plot. In 1998 TEM sprang their Oh my God! They've killed SOHO article on an unsuspecting readership. This proposed that a secretive elite in the American establishment were using anti-gravity spaceships from a military "Deep Black" programme to redirect the orbits of comets. As evidence they pointed out some curious co-incidences in timing regarding new comets discovered by the SOHO space probe. The article was prompted by the sending of a mysterious "go to sleep" command to SOHO by an unknown person at mission control. As the hypothetically directed comets were following the script of Hoagland & Bara's NASA/Egyptian rituals model they drew sinister implications from this. SOHO they speculated was deliberately sabotaged to prevent it seeing further interesting developments. Recalling that in Egyptian prophecy the Apocalypse takes the form of flaming rocks hurled from the sky, followed by the return of the gods to save humankind; they suggested that there could be a high level Doomsday cult practising to make this prophecy a reality. This TEM article can be read by clicking on the following "stargate" µµµ.

This isn't the place to properly appraise the Oh my God! article, but it will eventually be evaluated in the main Conspiracy section. Let's assume for the moment that TEM is absolutely correct and amazing spacecraft from a Deep Black project were being used to engineer ritualistic new orbits for comets. For what does TEM presently seem to think these comet manoeuvring skills will be used? TEM has recently been broadening its conspiracy theory to claim that the hypothetical elite of esoteric conspirators fear the same prospect of a shift in the Earth's axis as TEM do. Recently TEM suggested that their conspirators seem to believe that an impact disaster would lift the threat of the axial shift. Now this may just mean that TEM is surmising that their hypothetical conspirators believe that a mass sacrifice of humanity will somehow solve the problem through the application of nasty Crowley'ite magi-ick. On the other hand TEM's thinking may be running along the lines that there is hyper-dimensional method in the conspirators' madness.



Let's assume (for the sake of argument) that the high level Doomsday cult exists and that they share a belief in a similar model of hyper-dimensional shifts in the Earth's axis. However, TEM may be thinking that the conspirators have a slightly different model of how it occurs. In Hoagland's analogy of an elastic band winding tighter and tighter there is no way of preventing the eventual release of energy. However, if the hypothetical conspirators were using the "butterfly" analogy from chaos theory they might think they have a way out. (In chaos theory small effects can escalate exponentially to create enormous leverage. The usual example given is that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Hong Kong could set in motion a string of events that brings a hurricane to the coast of Miami). In this model the distortions in hyperspace (that lead to an axial shift) do not steadily accumulate over time, but suddenly escalate in a very short period of time due to a particular set of geometrical interactions. A very insignificant speeding up or slowing down of the Earth's rotation applied before this geometrical set-up occurs could trigger it or prevent it occurring altogether.

One way to make small alterations to Earth's rotation (and hence its angular momentum in the Hoagland hyperspace theory) is to crash a comet into it. One of the anomalies that SOHO spotted, before NASA lost contact with it for six months, was two comets flying in formation into the Sun. This was shortly followed by an enormous eruption over a large area of the Sun's surface. In conventional physics these insubstantial comets should have had little effect on the Sun and the eruption was dismissed as co-incidence. TEM, however, suggested that the eruption resulted from hyper-dimensional energy resulting from the extremely slight change the comets impact had made to the Sun's angular moment. A Quicktime movie of these unusual events can be seen by clicking on this "stargate" µµµ.

So, at some future date will TEM ascribe this catastrophe averting motive to the conspirators that they believe have planned to engineer an impact disaster?

There is a more benign way of affecting the Earth's rotational momentum than sacrificing tens of millions of lives in an impact event. Recently NASA scientists have pointed out that it is theoretically possible to change the Earth's orbit by using the gravitational "slingshot" effect from a carefully guided asteroid, µµµ. Such a technique could equally be used to bring about small changes to the characteristics of Earth's rotation.

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