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Image Enhancements


This page displays image analysis of Cydonia anomalies that may be artificial. This includes possible arcologies and strange landscapes such as the "suburbs". These reports make use of the image enhancement features in Corel's Photo-Paint 9. The original images were taken by the growing number of spacecraft in orbit around Mars.

In general I've tried to enhance Cydonian features that I have not come across on other websites. The plan is to list and review the features that have been analysed by others in a separate section.

Note: This website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Higher resolution settings will reduce both the size and quality of the images displayed, thus leading to a loss of detail. For tips on adjusting screen resolution and other ways of improving the screen appearance of the internet click this "stargate" µµµ.

Finally, due to my eyesight the best viewing distance for the image enhancement enlargements will often be further back from your monitor screen than you are used to!

µ The First MRO Images of the "Suburbs" (26th April 2008)

µ The New MRO Image of the "Face" (29th April 2007)

µ The West Mound in "SuperBowl City" (4th February 2005)

µ The First Hi-resolution Images of the D&M : Parts 1, 2 & 3 (25th January 2004)

µ "SuperBowl City" (26th October 2003)

µ The Island Fort at Higher Resolution (12th October 2003)

µ The Collapsed Mesa (17th February 2003)

µ Further Analysis of Cydonia Infra-red Images : Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 (19th January 2003)

µ The Island Fort (22nd October 2002)

µ Buried Rectilinear Features in Cydonia (18th October 2002)

µ An Experimental Analysis of the First Infra-red Image of Cydonia (31st July 2002)

µ The "Ruler" Mound (12th May 2002)

µ The Arcology Theory Confirmed? (19th May 2001)

µ The Suburbs : Parts 1 & 2 (25th Feb 2001)

µ The Cliff : Parts 1, 2 & 3 (11th Feb 2001)

µ The Hexagon & Dome (3rd Feb 2001)

µ "Pipelines" at Cydonia? (28th Jan 2001)

µ Surface Features on the Fort (2nd Dec 2000)

µ The Cydonia Grill (12th Nov 2000)

µ Bright Mounds "E" and "D" (12th Nov 2000)

µ The Rotunda and Doughnut (5th Nov 2000)

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