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Last Updated May 2020


Websites similar to Cydonia Quest

µµµ Richard Hoagland's Other Side of Midnight radio show

µµµ The Enterprise Mission

µµµ Archive of Enterprise Mission articles about Mars

µµµ New Frontiers in Science

µµµ The Martian Enigmas

µµµ The Society for Planetary SETI Research

µµµ Cydonian Imperative - earlier pages here µµµ(website of the late Mac Tonnies)

µµµ Lan Fleming's VGL

µµµ Erol Torun's Analysis of the Cydonia D&M Pyramid

µµµ MetaResearch (website of the late Dr. Tom Van Flandern)

µµµ Keith Laney's Image Analysis

µµµ Holger Isenberg's website

µµµ The Face on Mars

µµµ The Hidden Mission Forum

µµµ Earth Quest's Pyramids website

µµµ The Hidden Records website's Cydonia page

µµµ The Suburbs of Heaven

µµµ What's up in the Sky


Other websites about Mars exploration

µµµ Martian Curiosities

µµµ Life on Mars

µµµ Mars News

µµµ Mars Astrobiology Magazine

µµµ Astrobiology Magazine

µµµ Mars website of Dr. Gilbert Levin - the man who found life on Mars(?)

µµµ The Mars Society


Other (fun) websites

µµµ The Hidden Records website

µµµ Orbit (website of the late Kent Steadman)

µµµ Surfing the Apocalypse

µµµ The Mars Art of Kees Veenenbos


Current and recent Mars space missions

Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)

µµµ Early MGS images of the "Monuments" area in Cydonia (1)

µµµ Early MGS images of the "Monuments" area in Cydonia (2)

µµµ Fuller set of captioned MGS images of the "Monuments" area in Cydonia

µµµ Access to over 212,000 high resolution MGS pictures of the Martian surface

Mars Reconnaissance Observer (MRO)

µµµ MRO search result images for the greater Cydonia region of Mars

µµµ MRO HiRISE camera imagery website

µµµ NASA's MRO news website

2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft

µµµ Mars Odyssey THEMIS camera imagery website

Mars Express

µµµ Mars Express website

µµµ Mars Express wide view image of Cydonia region

Ground based Rover missions

µµµ Curiosity Rover website

µµµ Curiosity Rover images web page

µµµ Spirit and Opportunity Rovers website

µµµ Spirit and Opportunity Rovers images web page


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