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µµµ Mac Tonnies' Cydonia Journals

µµµ Archive of Enterprise Mission articles on Mars

µµµ Space & Mystery - Mars

µµµ Cydonia Quest's Occasional Journal - NEW!

µµµ 16th November 2002 - Mark Carlotto's geometrical analysis of the "Face" (PDF document)

µµµ 16th November 2002 - A watery Mars as little as 5 million years ago

µµµ 26th May 2002 - Mars Odyssey discovers giant ice oceans on Mars!

µµµ 12th April 2002 - Mars Odyssey images the "Face", D&M "Pyramid" and "Fort"

µµµ 20th March 2002 - Further evidence of possible life on Mars? (see also µµµ)

µµµ 20th March 2002 - Does the evidence for Bode's "missing" planet lie on Mars?

µµµ 18th March 2002 - NASA scientists back theory of a destroyed planet V!

µµµ 17th March 2002 - Further analysis of the newly discovered "Face"-like platform (see also µµµ)

µµµ 13th March 2002 - "Parrotopia" (patience required whilst image on this page downloads)

µµµ 3rd March 2002 - TEM's initial thoughts on the new THEMIS images (see alsoµµµ)

µµµ 3rd March 2002 - Mars formation with "Face" platform type characteristics discovered

µµµ 1st March 2002 - The amazing underground martian "city" of Phobos 2

µµµ 26th August 2001 - A new angle on Cydonian geometry

µµµ 2nd August 2001 - New evidence for the Panspermia Theory

µµµ 28th July 2001 - Did NASA find life on Mars in 1976 and then lose the evidence?

µµµ 28th July 2001 - Water, water, everywhere! (see also possible ocean on Callisto µµµ)

µµµ 28th July 2001 - A discussion about possible exotic lifeforms on Mars

µµµ 29th June 2001 - Listening for life on Europa

µµµ 27th June 2001 - Europa: Chewy or crunchy? The big debate.

µµµ 16th June 2001 - The Enterprise Mission's latest opinion on the "Face" (see also µµµ)

µµµ 13th June 2001 - Are NASA geologists trying to lose the "Face" argument?

µµµ 10th June 2001 - Has the east side of the "Face" collapsed?

µµµ 27th May 2001 - New Director of JPL has expertise in satellite archaeology

µµµ 27th May 2001 - Refreshing candour on the "Face" from Editor of

µµµ 25th May 2001 - NASA's New Image of the "Face"

µµµ 11th May 2001 - Aaargh! They live!

µµµ 11th May 2001 - The mysterious moons of Mars

µµµ 11th May 2001 - Mars or bust by 2020

µµµ 3rd March 2001 - NASA team make stronger case for life on Mars

µµµ 7th January 2001 - Electric Warrior's photo-mosaic of the East Formation/City Mound

µµµ 7th January 2001 - Professor Stanley McDaniel bows out of active Cydonia research C


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µµµ 16th February 2002 - Transcript of BBC2's Horizon programme on the wonders of the 11th dimension.

µµµ 14th February 2002 - Oh! Brane New World!

µµµ 20th January 2002 - Does Dark Energy have a hyperdimensional origin?

µµµ 20th January 2002 - Does the geometry of hyperspace prevent Black-hole singularities?

µµµ 20th January 2002 - If matter is just strings of vibrating space & hyperspace why is everything so solid?

µµµ 4th August 2001 - The Hyperdimensional Gravity Theory (Update 16th February 2002)

µµµ 9th June 2001 - NASA's continuing problems with gravitational anomalies.

µµµ 19th May 2001 - Practical time travel

µµµ 11th April 2001 - The Hyperdimensional "Big Splat" Theory

µµµ 20th December 2000 - The United States DOE's Advanced Electromagnetic Working Group whose stated goal is to "develop an improved, higher topology [hyperdimensional] electromagnetic theory that pulls together patches and threads used in chemistry, astrophysics and elsewhere to explain experimental and theoretical anomalies into a single model that leads to advanced understanding of time, space and matter and unique energy sources and transportation systems."

µµµ 20th December 2000 - British Aerospace's "Project Greenglow": the first steps towards commercial anti-gravity aircraft.

µµµ 20th December 2000 - NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project. Looks at the viability of alternative methods of space travel including hyperdimensional possibilities such as anti-gravity, "worm holes" and space warp drive.



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µµµ 16th November 2002 - A secret mission for Apollo 17?

µµµ 13th March 2002 - Strange beliefs about Phobos in the Eisenhower Whitehouse

µµµ 9th February 2002 - Egyptian/Masonic star alignments and space shuttle launches

µµµ 11th November 2001 - A report on the Disclosure Project

µµµ 13th July 2001 - Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden on scalar (hyper-dimensional) weapons (see also µµµ)

µµµ 12th July 2001 - Is there a US "Deep Black" hyper-D weapons project? (see also µµµ & µµµ)

µµµ 3rd July 2001 - Astronauts speak about UFOs

µµµ 3rd July 2001 - An astronaut speaks out (see also µµµ & µµµ)

µµµ 3rd July 2001 - Mysterious conversations with astronauts

µµµ 19th May 2001 - The FBI and Roswell

µµµ 11th May 2001 - JFK and UFO disclosure. The "truth" or a total load of old bollocks?

µµµ 3rd March 2001 - Is this where TEM's conspiracy theory is heading?

µµµ 7th January 2001 - Is artificial mass control of emotions possible?

µµµ 24th November 2000 - An analysis of the first parts of TEM's "End of Days?"

µµµ 17th November 2000 - The "tetrahedral" Cluster II mission



TEM's Grand Theory

To be written up soon.TEM's grand theory is still a bit hazy.