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Last Updated - August 2014

This annotated conspiracy section menu is still under construction. In the meantime please enjoy the Cydonia Quest articles hyperlinked below.

This is intended to be an annotated menu setting out Cydonia Quest's own investigations into the Enterprise Mission's claims of skulduggery within the space programme - and of the existence of a real "X"-Files scenario.


Stranger and stranger. Lies, conspiracies and the strange role of Esoteric Societies in the Space Programme

µ Have the Authorities tried to Thwart the Investigation of Mars Ruins?

- Summer 2000

This article explores commissioned advice to NASA at its inception that it's space exploration might uncover evidence of alien artefacts. This advice suggested that such discoveries might be too disorienting and disruptive for current human civilisation to handle. NASA was strongly advised to plan how it would disclose or alternatively cover-up any discovery. The article also looks at the strange professional involvement of former intelligence chiefs with America's planetary space exploration.

µ The Guide to Secret Societies

- Summer 2000

µ Cydonia Quest's study of Space Shuttle launches 1981 to 2001

- 9th February 2002

µ The Tetrahedral World of Washington D.C.

- 5th August 2003

µµµ Part 1

µµµ Part 2

µµµ Part 3

µµµ Part 4

µ Symbolism in the STS-115 Mission Patch

- 28th May 2007

µ The "Tetrahedral" Cluster II mission

- 17th November 2000

µ An analysis of the first parts of TEM's "End of Days?"

- 24th November 2000

µ Is this where TEM's conspiracy theory is heading?

- 3rd March 2001

µ Is artificial mass control of emotions possible?

- 7th February 2001


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